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  Are Online Casinos Rigged?  

Some people believe that some types of online casino games are rigged. One game that continuously falls victim to this assumption is the online slot games. It is true that not all slot games are going to pay out the same or with the same frequency, but these slot machines are not able to be rigged. Most of them pay out over a span of time, based on the programming they receive. One thing to note is that the old time machines that had cycles are not found in online machines.

What does this mean to you, the player who just hopes to win a few rounds when playing at the slots? It means that you do want to spend the time checking out the casino to ensure that it is reputable. It also means that you will want to avoid getting trapped by a casino, sitting at the same machine and waiting for it to pay out. Take the time to play the games you love and to have fun.

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